300-900 MHz remote control gate garage door command clone

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300-900 MHz remote control gate garage door command clone

$37.55 $27.55

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Suitable for 90% of remote controllers on the market.

If you are worried about compatibility, please contact me.


Product material: ABS Product size: 63*37*12mm/2.48*1.46*0.4″ Product weight: 35 g Product color: Black Rated voltage: 3V(CR2032) Installation: wireless Learning frequency range: 287MHz,300MHz ,306MHz ,310MHz ,315MHz, 315.5MHz ,330MHz, 360MHz ,390MHz, 410MHz, 430.5MHz, 433.42MHz, 433.92MHz, 868.35MHz, 286-361MHz, 384-400MHz. Radio transmission distance: 30-100m (Open area) Scope of application: garage door, alarm, automatic door, rolling door, etc.


A.1 new = 4 olds B.For Fixed code+Rolling code+Learning code C.All of our items are brand new D.One to one key copy E.Each key password alone save F.Can continuous repetitive copy use one million times E.Clone in 10 seconds?After cloning the rolling code remote control, you also need to program on the receiver?

Compatible with?for example?

For Multi-brand remote controls.

1 remote control can control up to 4 different brands of remote controls.

Multi-functional remote control for 1, 2, 3 or 4 buttons remote control

For Multi-frequency remote controls.

Work for 287-868MHz fixed and rolling code remotes.

When used, it is more comfortable.

The design has been optimized on the basis of previous generation products. More ergonomic and better to use.

ABS environmental protection raw materials

Comfortable and durable. The all buttons adopts ABS environmental protection raw materials, with high elasticity, more comfortable to use.

Low power consumption remote control. One CR2032 battery lasts for 2 years.

The remote control contains batteries. The battery can be replaced, If you abnormal use will cause the battery life to be reduced.

Easy to use

This is a clone remote control, it needs to clone your original remote control face to face. If your remote control is a fixed code, after cloning, the new remote control will work. If your remote control is rolling code, after cloning, the new remote control needs to be programmed / activated on the receiver, the new remote control works. I will provide you with detailed instructions in the package, it is a card.

Product physical picture appreciation.

Additional information


clip, remote and clip, remote


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