Wireless Fire Protection Temperature and Smoke Double alarm Detector

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Wireless Fire Protection Temperature and Smoke Double alarm Detector

$53.25 $33.25

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Double alarm: temperature and smoke

Due to air traffic control, there is no battery inside the product.

1. Temperature alarm function:
When the fire just occurred, the temperature began to rise and the product’s temperature alarm function was activated. Start the alarm. (There is no smoke or less smoke generated at this time)
2. Smoke alarm function:
After 5 minutes of fire, a large amount of smoke began to be generated. If the ambient temperature is not very high, the smoke alarm function of the product will start and the alarm will start.
Therefore, when the fire has just occurred, the temperature alarm function of the product will start 3-5 minutes earlier than the smoke alarm function, giving you a warning.
Allows you to escape the fire scene earlier 3-5 minutes before the smoke alarm function starts.
At the same time, the product has a dual alarm function.
Let you have two chances to escape from the fire scene.

433MHz Wireless Fire Protection Temperature and Smoke Double alarm Detector Alarm Sensors For RF GSM home security Alarm Systems

Product features
1,Exclusive smoke intelligent algorithm
2,High sensitivity, zero false alarm, strong anti-interference
3,With voice prompts and voice alarms functions
4,GSM/GPRS intranet alarm system, support multi-channel alarm, like SMS, central internet, Wi-Fi, 433mlz, etc,to ensure that the alarm is stable and reliable
5,Support SMS, central remote control and parameter settings
6,GPRS is real-time online to get the latest working status of the device at any time
7,Up to 5 groups preset alarm calls, which can be set together with its SMS switch respectively

Technical Parameters
1,Power: DC9V laminated battery (6F22/9V)
2,Quiescent current: 80dB
8,Wireless transmission: 433MHz/1527/330K
9,Battery low voltage alarm: The alarm will emit wireless low voltage when the battery is under voltage Code, and the battery emits Wireless low voltage code every 24 hours under continuous low voltage


Additional information

Brand Name


Model Number



Smoke Detector


DC9V laminated battery (6F22/9V)

Quiescent current

Less than 10uA

Alarm current

Less than 100mA

Transmitting distance

greater or equal to 100m (open distance)

Operating temperature

0° C to +50° C

Relative humidity

Less than or equal to 95% RH, no condensation

Alarming sound

more than 80dB

Wireless transmission



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